Meet The Artists

Women know math was illustrated by 50 amazing artists from around the world. read more about them below!


Hannah King is a freelance Illustrator and Storyboard artist.


olivia jensen

Olivia Jensen is an artist, actress, and animation student based in Chicago, IL.

sisu garcia

Sisu García is a Mexican artist exploring different styles and media, mostly watercolor for now.


alex pierce

Alex Pierce loves bees and making everything from paintings, to digital art, to videos.

jennie breeden

Jennie Breeden is the creator of the journal webcomic The Devil's Panties.


Beka Hollander is a freelance illustrator from Washington who likes fluffy socks, plushies, leather jackets, tattoos, and Star Wars.


Jenny Graf is a Portland-based game designer and artist with two cats.


Yana Ofrasio is a 26-year old slow fashion enthusiast, painter and dyer.



Leigh Lahav is an animator that sometimes leaves the house. Perez Hilton wrote about her work like three times so she's kind of a big deal. ( 



Kelsey Pika is an illustrator and crazy cat lady with a webcomic.

Lucy Knisley is an award-winning comic artist and author.


Mariah Eckwright is currently pursuing a master's degree in bioinformatics. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing awesome women.


Stephanie is a plasma physicist currently working in Madison, Wisconsin, creating art in her spare time.

Stacey Abidi is an illustrator who loves bright colors and positive vibes.


Caitlin Nolan is an actor who took up embroidery after discovering it satisfied her occasional urges to stab.


Alyshondra Stay Meacham is a kick-ass cross-stitching space lady.


Carrie Potter is a part time cartoonist and illustrator working in the Seattle area.


Mae Steele is a watercolor illustrator and dance-move-collector from Austin who is your friend.


Elizabeth Simins is an artist & illustrator who lives in Portland, Oregon with a large collection of comics and a small collection of cats.


Dina Abou Karam is a Lebanese artist and game designer hellbent on covering the world with creamy goo skulls.


Leanna Cruz is an illustrator and comic artist who loves cats, coffee, and encouraging others.

Shannon Saar is a Chicago-based webcomic artist (Wighthouse, Bound by Sound), illustrator, creative crafter and eternally curious goofball.

Illustrator and professional slug wrangler, Natalie Metzger is always on the lookout for her next whimsical adventure.

Deb Aoki is an illustrator, writer, graphic recorder and manga fanatic who lives in Oakland, California.


Alina Pete is a Cree artist from Little Pine First Nations who likes comics, birds, noodles, and resisting oppression in all its forms.

Dame Doodler is misguided miss from the faraway land of Ohio, who is currently wanted by the Midwestern Corn Authority on four counts of education evasion.


Born and raised in Texas, Paulomi Pratap loves tabletop games and RPGs almost as much as she loves her dog… or Tex- Mex… or Star Wars… or puns.


Jade Gordon: Artist, Old Ham. Chaotic Good.


Meg Geiger is a Portland-based queer gendervoid artist exploring bodies, minds, and relationships through active observation and abstraction.


Amanda Etches draws, reads, drinks tea, wanders, paints, stalks cats, librarians, collages, travels, runs, writes, does yoga.



Cloe Ashton is an illustrator living and working in Portland Oregon.


Katharine is an American-Canadian writer/artist and peppermint stick ice cream aficionado.



Talyna is a member of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, a Mechanical Engineer, and a champion of women in STEM, doing her best to lead by example and always striving to inspire a passion for reading, learning, and geekery.



Megan Mermis is a mostly self-taught designer, artist, and maker who is trying to make a better world for her 6-year-old daughter.


jordan conner

Jordan Conner is an Atlanta based illustrator + web designer who loves the internet, drawing animals, and snacks.


Jeannie Harmon is an illustrator and comic creator from South Carolina.



Laine is a nonbinary hobbyist trying to revisit art & artistic creation.


Amanda Bantug is a tiny little Filipina that loves making things.


 Sade is a watercolor artist and illustrator who loves painting the natural world and believes in fighting for our future.



Marlowe Dobbe is an illustrator from PDX who makes art and cracks jokes



Susan Webber is a New York-based artist and has been a Doubleclicks fan since the 1980s.

Meghan Murphy draws stuff - it often turns out cute and/or weird ('cause that's her zone.)



Ra Butler is a Northeastern Oklahoman artist whose focus is on mental health issues, horror, and character design. 


Rebecca Hicks is the creator of the Little Vampires.



Amy Crook paints small, strange watercolors & draws whimsical fandom cartoons so grown-up geeks can bring real art into their lives.



Kory Bing is an illustrator from Portland, Oregon who likes to draw extinct creatures and mythical creatures.


Beth Lerman is a painter based in Chicago. She's the creator of The Zeitgeist Tarot, a series of pop-culture and sci-fi inspired tarot cards.



Meghan Dornbrock is a legally blind art goblin and games podcaster from Brooklyn, NY


AnnDrawn is a local artist with a passion for animation and illustration. For more art, check out her YouTube channel!


Eli McDonald is a 2D & 3D artist who adores helping kindle the fire that is other people's passions!